A world-class

information communications infrastructure service provider

Corporate Culture

Our Vision

To become a world-class integrated information and communications infrastructure service provider and a highly competitive information and new energy applications provider

Our Mission

Sharing and joint-success, building an effective and efficient enterprise

Core Values

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Since its inception, the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation has always been the most fundamental characteristic of the Company.

The Company actively advocates and encourages innovation, strives to stay out of ruts and away from convention, welcomes trial and error, drawing on others' achievements, making changes, and moves with the times to ensure sustainable development of the enterprise through innovation.

Pragmatism and Efficiency

Commitment to pragmatism and efficiency is the bedrock of the Company's sustainable and healthy development.

As a result of our commitment to efficiency through intensive, specialized, standardized, market-oriented and coordinated operations, we provide higher efficiency than our peers in the industry.

Customer Benefits

The principle of always benefiting our customers is of fundamental significance for the sustainability and development of the Company.

We will continue to adhere to and strengthen customer service awareness, build a good service reputation, and provide quality and reliable services by centering on customer perception.

Employee Enablement

Our employee enablement is the source of strength for the sustainable and healthy development of the Company.

Whether the Company can generate income and realize a healthy and sustainable development depends on employees, who are the most valuable asset of the Company and constitute its core competitiveness.