Growth Strategy

Field Supervision

China Tower overcame geographical barriers and took the lead in adopting the model of "wireless communication, Internet Plus and large platform" to establish a nationwide centralized operation and maintenance monitoring platform which monitors millions of sites and manages maintenance staff across the country. The centralized and integrated management platform supported by local maintenance teams achieves the flat organization and ensure centralized and efficient operation of the Company.

Based on the IoT framework, by utilizing the innovative smart FSU, unifying B interface protocol standard, and adopting mobile Internet access, the platform can be installed in a fast, efficient and low-cost way. It can also remote regulate, control, signal and telemeter the underlying network element.

The platform integrates functions of network management supervision and repair orders dispatching, which enables us to quickly identify, analyze and process breakdowns or malfunctions. According to the preset rules, repair orders will be generated and dispatched directly to front-line maintenance personnel. The platform eliminates judgement and manual assignment of orders, and therefore enhances the agility and speed as well as the efficiency. The monitoring center controls the progress of every order through the platform to achieve the entire process of closed-loop maintenance management.