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Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee currently consists of six Supervisors, including four shareholder representative Supervisors and two employee representative Supervisors. The shareholder representative Supervisors are elected at the shareholders' general meetings. The employee representative Supervisors are elected by our employees. The Supervisors are typically appointed for a term of three years and are eligible for re-election upon expiry of their term of office.


Mr. Li Wenmin (李文民) (Chairman of the Supervisory Committee, Employee Representative Supervisor)
Ms. Gao Lingling (高玲玲) (Shareholder Representative Supervisor)
Ms. Guo Xiaolin (郭小林) (Shareholder Representative Supervisor)
Mr. Sui Yixun (隋以勛) (Shareholder Representative Supervisor)
Ms. Li Tienan (李鐵南) (Shareholder Representative Supervisor)
Mr. Wang Hongwei (王宏偉) (Employee Representative Supervisor)