Growth Strategy

Energy Business

Energy Tower Corporation Limited relies on China Tower’s power assurance experience, professional maintenance capability, and the visible, manageable and controllable field supervision system to provide diversified energy services to the society and strive to become a world-class distributed energy operator.

Two business paths:

Energy Operation Business: power backup, power generation, battery exchange, power supply, etc.

Recycling Business: To establish a recycling system for retired power batteries.

Power Backup

Business Introduction

Based on well-established power assurance solutions for telecommunication base stations, the company provides comprehensive power backup services to customers including financial institutions, ATMs, traffic lights and medical institutions by utilizing lithium batteries and field supervision systems.

Target Customers

Customers with uninterruptible power supply needs, such as financial institutions, medical institutions and traffic lights.

Power Generation

Business Introduction

Supported by portable lithium battery packs and generator wagons, we quickly respond to emergency power demands, and provide professional, standardized, rapid and silent emergency power generation service and roadside emergency charging service to financial institutions, shopping malls, supermarkets, caterers, electric vehicles, etc.

Target Customers

Electric vehicle users and customers with small to medium scale of power generation needs, such as financial institutions, medical institutions and gas stations.

Battery Exchange

Business Introduction

The company deploys a battery-exchange network to provide power battery exchange services to low-speed electric vehicles of take-away and logistics riders. These services will cover around 100 cities in 2019.

Target Customers

Take-away delivery drivers from Meituan,, Fengniao, etc; and courier delivery drivers from China Post, SF Express,, the five major logistics companies (STO, YTO, ZTO, Best Express and Yunda), etc.

Power Supply

Business Introduction

Power supply business focuses on the provision of power storage, photovoltaic business and charging piles for low-speed vehicles. The power storage service enables customers to store electricity power in batteries during the period when tariff rates are low, and consume battery power instead of public power during the period when tariff rates are high. By developing the distributed photovoltaic system, photovoltaic business provides customers with photovoltaic system integration or power supply service. The charging piles business provides centralized, smart and safe charging service to low-speed electric vehicles.

Target Customers

Power storage service aims at various industrial and commercial facilities such as guesthouses, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and office buildings. Photovoltaic business gears to industrial and commercial users with rooftop resources and stable demand of power supply, as well as users in remote areas without public power supply. Charging piles for low-speed electric vehicles are mainly used in densely-populated areas such as residential communities, industrial zones and business districts.

Recycling Business

Business Introduction

The company endeavors to build a nationwide power battery recycling system to promote the efficient recycling and cascade utilization of retired power batteries. It manages power batteries by tracing their entire life cycle, thereby driving the growth of recycling economy in China.

Recycling Procedures

We aim to build a management platform for cascade utilization of retired power batteries, which allows us to manage the whole process ranging from battery collection, testing, processing, cascade utilization to recycling.