Growth Strategy

Operation and Maintenance

1. Power Assurance

China Tower provides a full range of power assurance services. Other than providing power access, we utilize battery power backup and gasoline or diesel power generation service to provide backup power for continuous and smooth operation of customers’ equipment in the event of a power outage. At present, all stations with power related ancillary facilities are equipped with field supervision system to collect and upload power outage information to the operation and maintenance monitoring platform. Dynamically, the platform issues power generation orders based on the battery life stored in the shelters or cabinets. Maintenance personnel in districts, counties and towns across the country respond to the power generation demand at the highest priority to ensure 7x24 uninterrupted power supply.

2. Routine Inspection

China Tower conducts routine inspection of facilities of customers. According to customers’ requirements, we fully cooperate with the standardized inspection of site facilities, including half-yearly inspection of telecommunication towers (while quarterly inspection is performed on important sites), quarterly inspection of shelters and power related ancillary facilities (while monthly inspection is performed on important sites). Maintenance personnel will follow up with any potential facility risks identified during the inspection in order to eliminate potential risks at the very early stage. Through a closed-loop management model coupled with preventive inspections and checks, we greatly enhance the health and expand the life of our customers’ assets.

3. Repair and Maintenance

The company applies an innovative production and maintenance model by streamlining the production chains. Our centralized maintenance monitoring platform enables us to monitor millions of sites and dispatch repair orders. It also allows us to mobilize production resources throughout the country, which greatly shortens the response time for repair and maintenance. The company offers 7x24 uninterruptible malfunction reporting services to identify, analyze and repair on a timely basis, and provide problem shooting reports to our customers. We aim to achieve a full closed-loop management of repair and maintenance.

4. Risk Rectification

We benchmark our performance against the best market practice in the industry, aiming to improve our service quality constantly. After the acquisition of tower assets, China Tower carried out comprehensive checking and rectification work to identify potential risks, such as missing of necessary backup batteries at sites, insufficient backup capacity, tilting towers and subsidence of shelters. We lay a solid foundation to provide high-quality services to our customers.